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Tech-Text : Wireless alarm technology

Tech-Text GSM alarm monitoring system allows you to receive faults directly to your mobile phone.

Making use of the GSM network, the Tech-Text will alert you of any fault signals that occur at your pump station. 



Unmanned pumping station:

Remote pump station 1 detects a high level in the sump which triggers a SMS  “ Pump Station 1 - High level” message and sends it to the designated engineer (or multiple recipients). At same time an email is sent confirming the fault to a control centre..

The engineer sends the Tech-Text control unit a "Start Pump 2“ command. The remotely controlled relay output is energised starting the pump. The high level is reduced, which triggers the “Station Operational” to confirm all is ok.

And with a further 7 inputs to use for other alarms as well as battery-backed versions you can ensure your whole control system can let you know when any event occurs. e.g. Pump Tripped, no flow etc.



Tech-Text can be purchased as a stand-alone unit, or incorporated into an existing control panel.  Its versatility enables you to have full control of almost any part of your pump station remotely with the use of a mobile phone.

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